Midi-Causerie avec Melissa Baird

Type d'activité : Conférence
Date de l'activité : 25 avril 2019
Lieu : Université du Québec à Montréal
Le CELAT-UQAM et la Chaire de recherche en patrimoine urbain vous invite à rencontrer l’anthropologue Melissa Baird lors de cette causerie intitulée « Extracting Heritage. Heritage Engagements in Energy Landscapes », qui portera sur les enjeux patrimoniaux liés au développement des industries extractives et de l’énergie.
La causerie sera présentée en anglais.
Résumé : In the last decade, extractive and energy development has accelerated. From proposed oil and gas projects near Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, to the construction of roads, ports, and pipelines throughout Western Australia, industrial development projects have had wide ranging environmental, economic, and sociocultural impacts. In this talk, Dr. Baird will discuss how in extractive contexts, heritage is not so much marginal to negotiations as it is central to it. As she aims to show, with energy production increasing and new mega-projects coming online, it is essential that scholars think through the specific ways that extractive industries are entangled with heritage policy and practices.