Midi-causerie du CELAT-UQAM – Insurgent Heritage

Type d'activité : Conférence
Date de l'activité : 17 février 2020
Lieu : Université du Québec à Montréal

Le CELAT-UQAM est heureux de recevoir Magdalena P. Novoa, Candidate au doctorat à la School of Architecture – Historic Preservation de l’Université du Texas à Austin, pour un midi-causerie sur le thème du patrimoine et des mouvements de revendication citoyens.

Insurgent Heritage. Grassroots Movements and Citizenship in Chile
Le lundi 17 février 2020, à 12h45, au DC-2300 (279, Ste-Catherine Est, deuxième étage)
Entrée libre

Résumé : This paper examines how heritage alternative discourses and practices are produced in the urban sphere emerging from the social life of marginalized communities in Chile. Focusing on the industrial landscape of Lota, a former coal-mining city in the south of the country, I show how grassroots organizations are using heritage as a political and organizational tool. For example, they use heritage to re-signify historical narratives that shape their identities and to create new spaces of citizenship and participation in a context where such rights are limited. Through their memorialization and preservation practices, these groups destabilize the normalized relations between communities, authorities, and experts exercising their right to citizenship and inclusion and thus broadening the understandings of heritage at a local and national level.