Conférence de Jocelyn Létourneau et Raphaël Gani « Words of Nations and History Education »

Type d'activité : Conférence
Date de l'activité : 12 octobre 2023
Lieu : UCL Institute of Education (IOE) et en ligne

À l’invitation d’Arthur Chapman, nos membres Jocelyn Létourneau et Raphäel Gani présenteront la conférence « Words of Nations and History Education » le jeudi 12 octobre à 17 h 30 (heure de Londres) / 12 h 30 (heure du Québec) à l’University College London et en ligne.

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Résumé de la présentation
« Imagined communities, Benedict Anderson wrote forty years ago, are reproduced through the words that their members use to refer to themselves collectively, which constitute what Michael Billig called ‘banal nationalism.’ What words do Québécois and American, French, English, Scottish and Canadian people use when asked to reflect unexpectedly and succinctly on their national historical experience and to summarize the history of their nation in a few phrases? Drawing on an international survey data, this presentation seeks to identify the repertoire of terms employed by these nationalities to capture their historicity and to explore the extent to which one can identify what might be called “national verbs”. These words are not trivial terms, we hypothesise, but may serve powerful purposes and represent a subtle and pervasive verbal matrix in which people’s thinking is bound-up, when they think about national history. We will explore these questions and their implications for history education. »

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Membres du CELAT concerné-es : Jocelyn Létourneau, Raphaël Gani